EUTOPIAFILM – Films That Matter

Compassionate Films with Depth

We bring selected content and messages into shape – with craftsmanship, heart and dedication. We are a team of enthusiasts united by a passion for storytelling and a fascination for new perspectives. We want to make films that inspire us. Because only what burns in oneself can be ignited in others.

We want to make good films, but also films that want to do good. Our society is facing massive challenges, which we must confront with full commitment. It takes attitude, confidence and a willingness to contribute everything possible. No. Rather what you do best. In our case: films that matter.

Working together on a vision
of tomorrow

We do not want to feed the background noise of irrelevant messages any further and have set ourselves the goal of finding those scripts that enrich us and our environment. Stories that move. Films that broaden our horizons and those of our fellow human beings.

We are team players and always treat our counterparts with the utmost respect. Our clients, our employees – and of course, nature. Climate-neutral work and green producing are not just a trendy coating for us, but have always been common practice.

We love making films – but our vision goes far beyond the craft. We want to share our experience and expertise with others and shape our immediate environment, which is why we are also politically involved in film industry representations. Our program? Our name. While utopias describe a fictitious, perfect, unachievable status, the eutopia designs a concrete, reachable goal. We are Eutopiafilm. And have made it our mission to achieve this very goal.