Social Awareness Film

Concept: Oliver Rienzner & Christoph Amort

Synopsis: On the Yamal Peninsula in the far north of Siberia, a family of the Nenets people lives from reindeer herding. But their traditional nomadic way of life is threatened by the thawing of the permafrost and the extraction of fossil fuels.
The film accompanies them in their everyday lives, tells of their love for their threatened homeland and is an appeal to all of us to stand up for stronger climate protection policies.


Direction: Oliver Rienzner & Christoph Amort
Producers: Bernhard Holzhammer & Victor Kössl
Production coordination: Silvia Lechleitner
Camera: Constanze Radak, Oliver Rienzner & Christoph Amort
Edit: Oliver Rienzner
Grading: Franco Marco Avi
Sound Design & Mix: Isobel Cope
Narration: Isobel Cope
Animation: Florian Weiermann
Sponsored by: Land Tirol, EUTOPIAFILM, FH Salzburg
Track: “Rebirth” performed by Future Forests, under license from Music Vine Ltd.
Special Thanks: Anastasia S., Anton Simkin, Ramona Rakic, Aleksey T., Sofya T., Discover Yamal, Jasmin Bachmann, Solidshot