Discover Tyrol – Traces of History

Discover Tyrol
Educational Film Series

AT 2022, 2 x 40 min.
D: Patrick Neubäck

Between fall 2020 and summer 2021, EUTOPIAFILM produced two educational films for the Media Center Tyrol. Our presenters, Caroline M. Hochfelner and Andreas Mattersberger, send the students on an exciting journey through the history, geography and economy of Tyrol.

For this we shot at over 30 locations in South, East and North Tyrol. On a lofty mountain peak, in caves steeped in history, in a swaying rafting boat, with apprentices in an industrial area and workers in the Brenner Base Tunnel. Astrid Neumayr and Lena Seeberger from Ahoi Atelier created the corporate design of the film, the animations came from the Media Center team.

After the celebrated premiere at the Leokino in May 2022, the two films were made available to students on the LeOn web platform for online teaching.

In the film “Discover Tyrol – Traces of History” we walk along Tyrol’s history without using the usual clichés (keyword: the myth of Andreas Hofer).


Presenters: Andreas Mattersberger & Caroline M. Hochfelner
Producer: Bernhard Holzhammer
Production Coordination: Bernhard Raneburger
Script: Victor Kössl (based on subject-specific content by Dr. Elisabeth Fintl & Dr. Franz Riegler)
Director: Patrick Neubäck
Franco Marco Avi
Sound: Peter Rösner, Andreas Leitner
Make-up & Hair: Chiara Kofler
Assistant Camera & Lighting: Mathias Obmascher, Jakob Bacher, Oliver Rienzner, Marco Telfser
Additional Recordings: Christian Gogl, Marco Telfser, Marco Francazi
Drone Pilot: Peter Rösner
Drone Camera Operator: Chris Boyes
Design Concept & Implementation Graphics: Astrid Neumayr, Lena Seeberger (Atelier Ahoy)
Media Center Team: Bernhard Raneburger, Martin Konrad, Michael Kern, Ferdinand Radl
Image Research and Archive Work: Valentin Moreau, Chiara Kofler, Nina Handle
Editing: Franco Marco Avi
Sound Mixing: Peter Rösner
Post-Production Assistance: Lena-M. Riedler
Motion Graphics: Werner Neururer, Marco Francazi