Feature film in development

R: Manuel Wetscher

Manuel Wetscher (director) and Bernhard Jarosch (screenplay) won the Carl Mayer Screenplay Award in 2022 with this wonderfully authentic script and are joining us on the adventure of a first feature-length film production. Project development funding by the Austrian Film Institute in January 2023.

Synopsis: Summer 1999 in Tyrol: Twelve-year-old Tomy spends the holiday with his buddy Chris on his uncle’s mountain hut. While a total solar eclipse is about to take place in Central Europe, he hides an injured burglar in the hayloft and finds out that his father’s AIDS illness is being concealed from him. Tomy rebels against the silence and the constellations in the microcosm of the mountain valley.




Director: Manuel Wetscher
Screenplay: Bernhard Jarosch and Manuel Wetscher
Producers: Bernhard Holzhammer and Victor Kössl