Feature film in development

R: Manuel Wetscher

Manuel Wetscher (director) and Bernhard Jarosch (screenplay) won the Carl Mayer Screenplay Award in 2022 with this wonderfully authentic script and are joining us on the adventure of a first feature-length film production.

Project development funding by the Austrian Film Institute in January 2023.

Synopsis: Summer, the 1990s in Tyrol: Under the supervision of his uncle, twelve-year-old Tomy spends his vacation on a farm in the mountains with his buddy Chris. Their close bond ruptures when Chris learns that Tomy’s father is in the hospital with AIDS. Tomy struggles with this loss when a solar eclipse reshapes the basic pillars of his life.


Screenplay: Bernhard Jarosch and Manuel Wetscher
Dramaturgy: Kathrin Resetarits
Director: Manuel Wetscher
DOP: Simone Hart
Casting: Nicole Schmied
Production management: Jeanette Ziemeck
Producers: Bernhard Holzhammer and Victor Kössl