Snow Waltz

Snow Waltz
Drama Series in development

C: Patrick Neubäck

Snow Waltz is an eight-part, horizontally narrated, social satire crime drama series in a one-hour format – set in the Austrian Alps of the 1980s, full of garish popular culture and Alpine kitsch romanticism.

It is a tribute to the wild 80s in Tyrolean tourism. The time when tourism was the business of ski instructors and folk dancers, the next lift tower location was bought in a card game at the regulars’ table, and the mayor was not only a despot, but also a marksman and fire department commander.

A time when the mountains of Tyrol were an impenetrable spiritual wall and Madonna’s hairstyle was also fashionable among men.

Emotional, full of relish and deeply rooted in the characters, Snow Waltz tells the tragic development of a friendship in times of arbitrary tourism.


Creator: Patrick Neubäck
Producer: Bernhard Holzhammer

Schneewalzer - eine Serie von Creator Patrick Neubäck
Ein Mann mit nacktem Oberkörper sitzt am Dach eines roten Cabrios im Serienpitch Schneewalzer von Patrick Neubäck