WWF – Nonoy and the Sea Monster

WWF - Nonoy and the Sea Monster
Social Awareness Film

AT/PHL 2017, 02:08 min.
D: Michael Rittmannsberger

Nonoy fears a monster in the sea. It eats all the fish. For his father as a fisherman remains almost nothing. Fish provides income and nutrition for over 800 million people worldwide.

Part of a Europe-wide awareness initiative, the story of the Filipino fisherman boy tells of the social and environmental consequences of fish consumption. “Fish provide the livelihoods of more than 800 million people, especially in developing countries. Overfishing threatens them. Our conscious purchasing decisions make a difference for oceans and people. The short film gets to the heart of this in a highly emotional and visually powerful way,” says Sabine Gisch-Boie, head of the EU co-financed WWF project Fish Forward.

Brand Film Festival London
Creative Club Austria Awards
Cinema & TV Commercial
Deuville Green Awards
Responsible consumption
Visual / Video Spot
Cannes Young Director Award
Film Charity / Europe


Client: WWF Austria
Written & Directed by: Michael Rittmannsberger
Producer: Bernhard Holzhammer
Camera & Color Correction: Andreas Daxer
Sound & Drone Pilot: Peter Rösner
Coordination: Florian Kozák, WWF
Austria Location Management: Vanessa Amante
Equipment: Roma Regala
Editing: Lisa Zoe Geretschläger
Music: Iva Zabkar
Sound Mixing & Sound Design: Johannes Winkler
Visual Effects: Lucas Riccabona
Nonoy: Justine Belisina

Nonoy sitzt am Strand und schaut den anderen Kindern beim Spielen zu.
Nonoy sieht seine Mutter ängstlich an
Nonoy beim Beten am Essenstisch.
Nonoy steht mit einem Holzschwert am Strand und hält dieses kämpferisch den Schiffen entgegen.
Nonoy steht auf einem Berg und hält das Holzschert dem Meer entgegen.